One Year Blogiversary of TrophyDaughter

20121121-202414.jpgWoohoo! Today is my blogiversary, one year of Trophydaughter!

This blog has been somewhat of a grand experiment. I’d been thinking about writing a memoir about, you guessed it, sisterhood and sanity and my BFF, Susan, who is a marketing wiz, said “you’ve got to do a blog.”

“But I’m not ready for that kind of commitment,” I said.

“Publishers are looking for writers who already have a following. If you can demonstrate there’s an audience for what you write, you’re less of a risk as a new writer. It’s all about the marketing, you know. Even if you decide to self-publish, which is perfectly acceptable these days, social media and blogging is a way to get feedback and gain a better understanding of your readers.”

“I just don’t have time for it,” I said.

“You don’t have to write every day. Just pick a schedule, maybe once a week, and stick with it.”

“The LAST thing I need in my life is more responsibility,” I said.

“You love to write. You need to write. Just do it.”

So I thought about it. For months, I toyed with the idea. In addition to what Susan said, there were other great reasons for blogging.

My writing life needed some structure. Blogging was a way to introduce that. If I made a commitment to post once a week, I knew some of you would hold me accountable.

Blogging can be cathartic. Particularly when you maintain some anonymity. It helps work through my emotions and evaluate what’s helpful and what’s hurtful in my relationship with Jerri. I replay things in my head and discover where I went wrong. I try to take the confusing bits and piece them into something that makes sense. Sometimes hitting the “publish” button is super scary but sometimes it feels incredibly liberating. And I get to rant. There really is nothing better than a good rant.

Blogging is also a great way to connect with people who have similar life experiences. I hoped to meet others supporting family members with brain disorders and I have. It’s been amazing. I’ve been moved by your stories. I’ve felt less alone. I’ve embraced your advice. I’ve learned from you.

So I might not be the Bloggess and I might not have been Freshly Pressed, at least not yet, I still have hopes, but I HAVE had readers from over 40 countries including the UK, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jordan, South Africa, Japan, Malaysia, Germany, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. And that has to be one of the most awesome achievements I never set out to achieve.

So thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. And thank you for commenting. The experiment continues.


6 Comments on “One Year Blogiversary of TrophyDaughter”

  1. You have definitely made a difference in my life!!! I wait for your next post…and have comfort in knowing that we share experiences….Happy Blogisversary!!!….I can’t wait for your book…it will be fabulous!

  2. Denise says:

    Terri, Happy Blogiversary! I’ve enjoyed following this for the pat year [a year already?] and hope you’ll continue with it on at least a semi-regular basis.

    • Hi Denise – I am planning to continue but need to find a way to carve out some non-blog writing time if I’m serious about doing a memoir. One possibility would be to include excerpts from the memoir as posts so my primary focus would be the memoir. This past year, its been the other way around.

  3. gardengirrrl says:

    Congrats on holding true to your commitment, that is quite a feat! And your blog is great, it really helps raise awareness, example being your previous post. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.

    • Thanks, Laura. There are a lot of surprising things about blogging. I started out with a somewhat naïve if-you-build-it-they-will-come mentality. But it takes a lot of work to find your own herd so to speak. For the first 8 months or so, I didn’t read that many other blogs but you really have to. And I enjoy doing it. There are many evenings when I’d rather read blogs than read a book – of course, I’ve always loved essays and memoirs and that’s what many blogs are. A snapshot of someone else’s life.

      Hope you also had a good Thanksgiving. Jerri joined us at Topsail with Stan’s mom so we had a small gathering. We’re heading back home tomorrow. Counting down to Christmas break when we have 2 weeks off!!

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